About this site

This site is a place where I will post information about using Learnline/Blackboard at Charles Darwin University and about other higher education, teaching related issues. (For non-CDU visitors to this site: Learnline is CDU's online learning environment and it is based primarily on Blackboard and Collaborate technology.)

Update, October, 2011

Added a short video tutorial on how to use the Safe Assignment tool in Blackboard (the Safe Assignment tool makes it very easy to check for plagiarism): it's on the "Tips and tutes" page.

Added a page with instructions on how to add more complex web content to a Blackboard page. This might, for instance, be a video presentation produced with Camtasia, or a slide show produced with some other application, or some other web content consisting of several linked files.

Update, August, 2011

Added a page with ideas for using a Tablet PC in teaching and learning, and a page with links to all the software.

Learnline guides

The Visual and Quick Guides are all just two pages long: print them double-sided and you have handy one sheet quick references.

Visual Guides

The Visual Guides have large pictures of Blackboard screens displaying menus and options: use these to quickly find out where to go to do what you want (to do).
  • Learnline items and options: This Visual Guide displays the items and menu options on the main Learnline screens - LL_Interface_VisualGuide.pdf.

Quick Guides

The Quick Guides have more detailed instructions on how to use Blackboard features to do things: create quizzes, use discussion forums.
  • Creating tests and quizzes: This Quick Guide describes how to set up tests and quizzes in Learnline - LL_Creating_tests_QuickGuide.pdf.
  • Adding videos and other content: This Quick Guide describes how to add videos and other kinds of multimedia content to items in Learnline - LL_Adding_video_and_live_content-KAM.pdf.
  • Using discussion forums: This Quick Guide describes how to work with discussion forums in Learnline. This guide does not cover how to create, grade or manage discussion forums: it deals with reading, reviewing, responding and reorganising the content from the user/reader point of view - LL_Using_Discussion_Boards_QuickGuide-KAM.pdf.

Short Guides

These documents are a little longer (several pages) and deal with particular issues or features in more detail.
  • Visual Editor formatting problems: This guide describes several methods for fixing, or avoiding, the font formatting problems which occur with the Visual Editor in Learnline - SurvivingVE.pdf.
  • Respondus Quick Start Guide: This guide, from Respondus, helps you get started using Respondus to create and upload tests and quizzes: Respondus Quick Start Guide.pdf.

Facilitating marking and feedback

Grading and assessment issues

Copyright and using these resources

  • People from CDU are free to link to these resources or download the pdf files and use them however they want. I would appreciate others including a link to this site, if they use these resources.

Contact me

  • Please email me [keith.mcguinness@cdu.edu.au] with questions, comments, suggestions or corrections.