Why YouTube?

  • It is the largest video sharing site and part of Google: they are constantly working to enhance the site.
  • Videos are not locked inside Learnline Unit “boxes”, so can be more easily re-used.
  • If Learnline goes down, the videos will still be available.
  • It is easy to send a link to the video to a student.
  • It is, in my experience, often easier to put a YouTube video into Learnline than uploading a video direct from the PC. I tried to “do the right thing” a couple of weeks ago and put a video in via the Content Collection, then gave up when it wouldn’t work properly and went back to YouTube.
What about copyright and IP? I use a fair bit of material created by other people – including java apps and various free software tools – so I think it is reasonable to make some of my stuff available to others. (And, let’s face it, these videos that I have created are very NCV.)

Getting started with YouTube

YouTube is very easy to use. This is probably one reason why it is the largest video sharing site. It is also free.

There are three steps required to start using YouTube:
  1. Get an account (the link is to the "get an account" page). If you have have a gmail account, you can sign in with their gmail username and password. There is more information about logging in to YouTube here.
  2. Upload a video (the link is to the "upload" help topic on YouTube: there is a short video there). It is a good idea to add an informative description and useful tags to make it easier to find the video. There is more information about uploading to YouTube here.
  3. Add the video to Learnline/Blackboard (the link is to a help video from Blackboard). There is more information about sharing videos here. I have seen reports of problems with the Learnline/Blackboard YouTube mashup tool but have not experienced any problems myself. Instead of using the mashup tool, videos (and other content) can be embedded in a Blackboard item: for instructions on how to do this, go here (these instructions are for Blackboard 9 but, once you have created an item, the procedure for embedding the video is the same in Blackboard 9.1).

Tip: To use the YouTube mashup tool, you first need to search for the video and locate it. The search may not find recently uploaded videos. In my experience, it may be 30 minutes to a few hours before a video becomes "visible" to the Blackboard mashup search (I suspect this is to do with databases being updated).

For more help information for YouTube, go here.

YouTube video tutorials on using YouTube

There is some very useful information on video right on YouTube: go here.