Blackboard tips and tutorials

Quick tips and tricks

  • Email notifications: turn email notifications on to get an email message when assignments are submitted. You can tell Blackboard to send you an email notification when new announcements are posted to a site or assignments are submitted. Go to the "Notifications Dashboard", then click "Edit Notifications": you will see a list of the sites (units or subjects) that you are enrolled in. Click on a site to go to the settings for that site (unit or subject), then turn email notifications on, or off, for selected items.
  • Extensions: use a quiz to receive and respond to requests for extensions. To keep track of requests for extensions in large classes, for each assessment I create a "quiz" with one (short answer) question: "Enter the date for your requested extension, along with reasons for this request". Because I turn email notifications on for this item, I get an email when some-one submits a request for an extension. I then use the "Feedback" section to approve, or deny, the request and confirm the new due date. (I also enter a "mark" of "0" for "denied" and "1" for "approved" but this is probably not essential.) The student can check the outcome of their request under "My Grades". Update. Have been using this for a week and I find it really useful: student submits a request (does the "quiz") and I get an email notification which I simply respond to. When checking and marking assignments, a "1" in the "extension" column In Grade Centre indicates that the student was granted an extension.

Short video tutorials

Note: To view larger versions of the video, watch them at YouTube.

The video tutorial below shows how to use Safe Assignment in Blackboard.

For more information, see the SafeAssign site, where you can view a sample report.
The video tutorial below shows how to use headings and dividers to organise the menu on a Blackboard site.