Sony Bloggie (MHS-TS20)


The main advantage of this camera is that it is easy to shoot video and images and upload the files with a minimum of fuss. The video is recorded in wide-screen HD and is saved in MP4 format (recommended by T&L). It has, on the base, a pop-out USB connector which can be plugged straight into any USB port and the video and images can be copied directly across to the computer (PC or Mac). No special software is required to get files off the camera: once connected, it looks like a standard USB device and files can simply be dragged and dropped. It does come with software -- which is actually installed from the camera itself -- and, with this installed, it is a little easier to browse, move, delete and upload video and images. This software also allows you to trim a video before uploading, which could be handy.

For "serious" video recording, this is not the camera you want: you probably need a "real" video recorder, with optical zoom and manual control of settings (when required). The Bloggie is designed to be small and easy to use when a full featured camera is not required. It would be good for short, perhaps "off the cuff", videos which need minimal (or no) editing but which can uploaded and shared quickly.


It does have limitations:
  • 8 GB internal memory, with no memory card capability.
  • 2 GB maximum file size (currently YouTube's maximum upload), which is a little under 30 minutes.
  • Limited ability to change photographic settings (change the size only).
  • 4 times digital zoom.
  • Recharge by USB port.


From the Sony website:

external image 108754.jpeg
Shoot with the slim and pocket-sized Bloggie™ Touch, connect to any computer via the in-built USB arm and share your recordings on websites like YouTube™ and Facebook®.
  • 12.8 Mega Pixel Photos
  • Exmor CMOS Sensor
  • 32mm wide-angle F2.8 lens
  • Full HD Recording
  • HDMI™ output
  • Large 3” touch-panel LCD Screen


The manual is available on-line here.