Tips for speeding up assessment using Excel

Using Excel worksheets for structured feedback

The file below has three examples of feedback forms, or marking sheets, created in Excel. These can completed electronically, then emailed to students, or returned as hard copy. Alternatively, the required number of copies can be printed out and filled in manually.

Note: I should point out that I did not create these forms. They were put together (I think) by Sean Bellairs, although Richard Noske may also have played a role. (I have tidied them up slightly. And I converted the Seminar Marking Guide from a Word document to an Excel worksheet.)

Using Excel and Word to provide detailed feedback quickly

Using Word, you can quickly send feedback sheets, with individual results, to an entire class (no matter how large) by email. First, you create a table of results in Excel. Second, you create a feedback form in Word, with spaces left for the individual results (name, total mark, grade, etc.). Third, you link the Word form to the Excel table of results. Finally, you use mail merge in Word to send the feedback sheets to the students. Each student will get an email which contains only their results, comments and grades.

The PDF document below takes you through the process of creating the documents and completing the merge.